Anne as a Receptionist

With Anne’s help, efficiency within your organisation will take on a whole new meaning. Planning a meeting? Matching available time slots between a guest and an employee? Anne can do it all. Anne represents a welcome alternative for any organisation seeking to economise on overhead costs. It goes without saying that interpersonal contact is paramount for any relationship; Anne simply paves the way…


Is your company or organisation looking for a virtual hostess or host?

A hostess to welcome your clients or guests, to show them the way around your premises, or to provide information about your company’s activities?
If so, you really need to be introduced to Anne the virtual hostess. She will inform your secretariat or the concerned employee, via e-mail or SMS, when their expected visitors have arrived. Anne can tell your guests something about your organisation while they wait or show them some videos. If linked to the building’s automation system, she can operate the car parking barriers. She can even order a cup of coffee or tea and simultaneously call the lift. Anne is representative (she can be given any kind of look & feel), polite and multilingual. She is client-focused and makes sure that your clients or guests feel welcome when visiting your organisation.




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Factsheet Anne