Anne as a Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare is all about human contact and it’s precisely that aspect that is becoming more and more challenging as the cost of healthcare continues to rise. But, with a virtual collaborator like Anne, many of your organisation’s routine jobs will be taken care of for you. This is highly beneficial for the healthcare providers as well as for those who depend on that care.

Anne has the ability to detect and check, on the basis of frequently recurring situations, if she needs to enlist someone’s assistance. She is patient, always herself, and unprejudiced. Anne enables your organisation to win time and, thereby, dedicate more attention to real human contact. The patient will no longer have the impression that he/she is dependent on the help from others for absolutely everything.

You can use Anne to:

– Manage your agenda, remind you about appointments and control medication;

– Have video calls with caregivers, family and friends;

– Receive your (personalised) news;

– Control domotics.

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Factsheet Anne